A Tale of Two Clinics – Rapidly expanding access to a growing primary care network

UnityPoint Health - Meriter
Monona and DeForest Clinics

Monona and DeForest, Wisconsin

Kahler Slater partnered with UnityPoint Health - Meriter to create a new branded ambulatory care experience, designing two new clinics to improve the delivery of primary and specialty patient care in their widening service area. Themed to reflect both the nearby Madison lakes and prairies, the 56,000-square-foot Monona Clinic and the 29,200-square-foot DeForest Clinic include Family Practice, Pediatric medicine and other specialties such as Orthopedics. The architecture reflects forms regionally inspired by boat hulls and sails, while environmental graphics and art reinforce the uniqueness of each community served.

Patients can use an interactive website to pre-register for appointments and participate in the management of their own care. When unregistered patients arrive at the clinic, they are greeted and have the option of registering with staff or self-registering at automated kiosks. Lounge areas include fireplaces, outdoor patios and spaces to engage children in exploring health.

To facilitate collaboration of caregivers, the care team work area for each clinic module is located adjacent to shared provider offices. Ample off-stage staff break space includes access to a private outdoor patio. Key practices such as Orthopedics are located adjacent to imaging and rehabilitation services to provide synergistic patient care. Integrated technology to provide high-quality care and connectivity to all services within the Meriter system was another key project driver. A fully implemented electronic medical record is operable within the clinic.

Powerful Results

“I love going to work every day. The Meriter Monona facility is beautiful and inspiring, filled with natural light.”

Makeba Williams, MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

“Kahler Slater’s staff were very creative, responsible and cooperative.”

Dr. Robert J. Turngren, President, Meriter Medical Group