Integrating a transformed curriculum with a building designed for a new millenium

Marquette University
School of Dentistry

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In designing Marquette University’s School of Dentistry building, the school’s leadership resolved to introduce a student- and patient-centric approach to teaching dentistry. This promise required a custom-designed building to support a revolutionized curriculum. Kahler Slater was engaged to provide complete dental education programming, planning and architectural services for the project.

The Marquette University dentistry experience replicates the real-world experience of delivery in a supportive clinic environment. The new curriculum makes full use of state-of-the-art learning technologies and allows students to develop ongoing relationships with patients – just as they would in a real-world setting. The new school includes general and multi-specialty clinics for oral health care services for the community and underserved populations. It houses specialty oral care clinics for advanced care, graduate orthodontics, oral surgery, periodontal surgery, graduate endodontics, graduate prosthodontics and radiology programs. Beyond architecture and interior design services, supporting graphics and animations were provided by Kahler Slater to assist in fundraising for a much needed expansion to the building. The addition includes simulation laboratories, classrooms, research labs, faculty practice clinics and a student operatories clinic.

Innovative design solutions include General Dentistry Practice/Teaching Environments that resemble small dental offices (four 12-chair clinics), general dental rounds rooms and a technology "play room" where students, faculty and practicing dentists can test emerging technologies that advance dental care.

Powerful Results

“Kahler Slater was instrumental in taking us through a process which helped build consensus for the project and the new curriculum among the faculty, staff and the larger community. This process resulted in a building design that is not only beautiful and supported by all, but also functional and completely supportive of the new curriculum.”

William K. Lobb, Dean, Marquette University School of Dentistry

The expansion provides more clinical space and updated state-of-the-art technologies, assists with the retention and recruitment of quality faculty, and allows space for additional students to address future workforce needs.