Café Grace

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Café Grace is a culinary meeting place perfect for a casual rendezvous or the celebration of a special occasion. The restaurant’s design is a simple, traditional interpretation of a French café with striped awnings, clean white brick, and black painted wood exterior paneling. With the help of very large windows that line the perimeter, the interior is very light and airy with bright brass fixtures set against neutral, muted tones. The floor tile is reminiscent of encaustic tile emblazoned with the classic fleur-de-lis pattern, emblematic of French royalty and the tenets of perfection, light, and life. 

The color palette is sophisticated and neutral, highlighted by brass details and bold fabric color. Bistro-style curtains hang in windows of the dining room that accommodates over one hundred seats at white table-clothed wooden tables. Decorative pendants accented with ceiling medallions march down the ceiling in rows bringing in order and beauty.