Al Krueger and Glenn Roby are Named Kahler Slater’s New CEOs

April 13, 2021

We are excited to announce that Executive Vice Presidents Al Krueger and Glenn Roby have been promoted to the roles of CEOs of Kahler Slater. This move fulfills strategic succession plans which began for our firm several years ago.

Al and Glenn succeed George Meyer and Jim Rasche, who have been with Kahler Slater for more than 35 years each and are transitioning to new roles as Chief Executive Officers Emeritus.

The new Kahler Slater CEOs are eager to take the 113-year old firm boldly into the future.

“This is a very exciting time at Kahler Slater,” Glenn said. “We have many leaders in all levels at the firm propelling us toward our strategic goals. I love to see our people align their passions to fulfill the needs of our clients. Those same clients see the benefit of the many initiatives that focus on our people and their growth as professionals, respectful collaborators and stewards of our resources.”

“We’ve invested in regional growth, marketplace diversity, and subject matter expertise to grow well beyond the commodity services that many firms in the industry offer,” Al said. “Our diverse portfolio and collaborative nature allow us to come together and create innovative design solutions.”

Our firm has a long-standing tradition of a collaborative leadership model, dating back to the 1960s when David Kahler and Mac Slater ran the firm. We believe that the best ideas and decisions are made in a collaborative leadership environment. The model also enables our CEOs to continue to work closely with clients, which is a key to our success.

Glenn and Al are both active and accomplished architects with more than 20 years of experience. Each has a passion for leadership, a long tenure with Kahler Slater and embraces our values: respectful collaboration, trusting relationships, integrity, passion, creativity, openness, diversity and community.

In addition to CEO, Al will continue to lead our Healthcare Team. His commitment to growth led to the expansion of staff with high-level team members and service offerings, including strategic advisory services in recent years. Under his leadership, we have added many new client relationships and projects in new geographies including Canada. Al built upon our strong Mid-Atlantic presence with the launch of our Richmond, Va. office in 2017.

As our Corporate, Hospitality and Residential Team Leader, Glenn is known in the industry for his deep understanding of the privately funded real estate process and will continue to lead the team. Under Roby’s leadership, we have more than tripled in this market and added new capabilities. Glenn also played a leading role in planning, developing and opening Kahler Slater’s rapidly growing Chicago office in 2020.

Our new CEOs will be supported by an impressive team including Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Kelly Gaglione, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer and Vice President Tracie Parent, and Vice Presidents Larry Schnuck, Trina Sandschafer, and Jeff Piette, along with other Principal leaders and a strong group of up-and-coming owners.

Kahler Slater’s leadership team, led by the new CEOs, is responsible for implementing the firm’s new five-year strategic plan which will focus on significant growth for the firm including: continuing to build a deep team of sought-after experts, expanding the firm’s geographic reach and harnessing technology.

Now CEOs Emeritus, George Meyer and Jim Rasche led Kahler Slater’s significant growth since 1985, are confident their successors and other leaders will continue to build upon the company’s momentum.

“Their clients love them. They have each built fantastic teams with expertise and market knowledge,” George said.

“We have been intentionally working toward this transition for several years. They have the passion, drive, talent and support of our clients, owners and staff,” Jim said.

We are also pleased to share that George and Jim will continue to serve as ambassadors for Kahler Slater and be available for key client relationships in Milwaukee and Singapore, as well as be available for counsel to our leadership team.

“George and Jim have been visionary leaders at Kahler Slater. Their years of leadership, especially with specific focus on developing our expert market-facing teams, will continue to propel us into the future,” states Al Krueger. “Jim Rasche has been a fantastic mentor. He has offered exciting challenges throughout my career at Kahler Slater and has always provided an appropriate level of guidance and resource for success.”

“George and Jim have grown the influence of the Kahler Slater brand, delivering their clients’ visions with a national and international reach,” Glenn said. “They have both shaped the careers of countless professionals that have been part of the Kahler Slater family over the last 30 years.”

Congratulations to Al and Glenn!