Selig’s Kahler Slater-Designed Office Featured on NPR

July 8, 2019

After over twenty years at the helm of Major League Baseball, Allan “Bud” Selig transitioned to Commissioner Emeritus and relocated his office to 833 East Michigan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bud speaks to his office’s Hall-of-Fame worthy artifacts in this feature from NPR. "Well there's nothing like Cooperstown," Selig says, "but this is pretty close." Kahler Slater worked with the Commissioner and his staff to document over 700 unique notes, artifacts, and memorabilia from his lifetime in baseball to curate his impressive memorabilia collection and display it in his new lobby. Read more and see pictures. Kahler Slater won the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Award of Excellence in 2017 for their work on the Bud Selig Office Suites.