Tracie Parent

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial and Operations Officer

I embrace the dynamic journey of steering our firm through constant transformation, ushering in the next era of Kahler Slater. The boundless source of creativity, the symphony of collaboration, and the core value of trust among our team members are the very keystones that shape our strategic plan. As a leader, my purpose is to nurture and champion growth, fostering a collective elevation towards our shared mission."

As Executive Vice President, Chief Financial and Operations Officer, Tracie is a multifaceted leader who strategically influences the future direction of the firm.  Her versatility and strength in optimizing business performance is evident in our ability to continually grow and solve our clients’ challenges.  With an authentic and honest approach, she maintains a close relationship with our staff and clients while she leads the financial, operational, risk and technological aspects of our organization.


Strategic Planning; Operations; Financial Oversight; Partner and Client Relationships

Professional Credentials

Allied American Institute of Architects (AIA) Member; Board President – Nerdy Girl Success; Board Member – Westown; Board Member – Focus Credit Union