New Hanover Regional Medical Center
Strategic System Master Plan

Wilmington, North Carolina

New Hanover Regional Medical Center’s market is expected to grow by 20% by 2030 while the system struggles to keep pace with existing demand, having benefited from lack of competition, being somewhat insulated from the challenges facing many of their peers. New Hanover Regional Medical Center realized it was time to prepare for the potential entry of a new competitor while also continuing to advance their focus on the evolving needs of healthcare consumers in a rapidly developing market.

A highly-collaborative process engaged people at all levels and established a deep understanding of the current state, by interviewing over 70 medical staff and other leaders, hosting a series of consumer focus groups, completing clinical functionality assessment of 1.5M SF and analysis over well of 2M data points. Multiple potential futures were informed by careful exploration of evolving care models, market dynamics, anticipated competitor moves, micro-consumer segmentation, provider workforce evolution, anticipated changes to state CON statutes, digital innovations and operational considerations.

The results of the strategic system master plan will prove transformative for New Hanover Regional Medical Center, as illustrated by the following projected outcomes:

  • Three immediate, mission-critical projects currently in design
  • Enhanced primary and on-demand care access strategy boosting the number of covered lives under care by the system
  • Site of service realignment, ensuring right services are being provided in right locations in the most cost-effective environments
  • Focused investments tied to community need, projected growth and differentiating service lines