Fresh eyes design a better family birthing experience

Piedmont Atlanta Hospital
Women & Newborn Center

Atlanta Georgia

Kahler Slater partnered with Piedmont Healthcare's Atlanta Hospital to create a better inpatient experience for women’s health within their century old hospital campus. Working with physicians, caregivers and donors to establish a tangible project vision and measurable project drivers guided Kahler Slater’s development of new interior architecture, finishes, furnishings, lighting, environmental graphics and art.

Beginning with a fresh eyes audit of existing conditions from the point of patient and family arrival through all support systems, the team led a Lean operations evaluation of all support areas and work flows and facilitated a patient satisfaction survey and focus group data reviews as a part of the process. As a result, a new Welcome Center was designed to create multiple venues for sharing information, family respite and sibling care. The project design imbeds more efficient processes and configuration of support space, and caters to the client's key project goal, better care for patients' families.

Access to nature was increased throughout the perinatal care unit through the design of a porch with operable windows and two roof viewing gardens. Immediately adjacent the Welcome Center, a new Triage Service and Caregiver Team station were designed to improve patient flow, staff efficiency and collaborative care, as well as family access to assistance and information. Behind the scenes, support for physicians and women's services program leadership includes a new on-call center, provider lounge and administrative offices. Sleeper sofas and gliders will support and encourage family to stay close at this special family time.

Powerful Results

Silver Award
American Society of Interior Designers, 2014
Has exceeded national average on Overall Consumer Experience Ratings by 3.4% over last 8 consecutive quarters